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Personalize toolbars and interface

Details of Personalize toolbars and interface

  • Module code ESA1806
  • Software
    • SCIA Engineer
  • FAQ topic

In the new interface of SCIA Engineer you can customise the environment. 

Customisation of toolbars

The Process toolbar is located at the left bottom side of the graphical scene. Via the hamburger icon you can activate which workstations should be visible in the process wheel and which should be hidden. It's possible to show eight workstations at once. There is also an empty toolbar called My Workstation which can be filled with your favorite commands.

Via the SCIA Spotlight you can search for any command and drag-and-drop the command to the desired toolbar of the Process toolbar. It's also possible to work with sublevels to further structure and organize the toolbar. In case that you want to add an icon that is already added to that specific toolbar (it could be somewhere in a sublevel as well), it will not be possible to add it once more to this toolbar and a warning 'Redundant' is shown. If you want to delete a command from the toolbar, you can drag-and-drop it to the container at the end of the toolbar.

Change the toolbar by clicking on the desired workstation for the horizontal toolbar or by clicking and holding Ctrl for the vertical toolbar. By holding Ctrl and clicking on the same workstation which is active as vertical toolbar, you can hide the vertical toolbar.

Hotkey management

You can also define hotkeys (single keys or combinations with Ctrl or Shift,...) directly where you see them (in the SCIA Spotlight, Input panel, Main menu,...) Simply click on the field at the top right, define the hotkey and press the Enter button to confirm.

All components (Input panel Property panel, Input table, Results table, ...) can be placed on any position of your screen by dragging it to the desired position.

Components like the Report preview, Input panel, Input table, Results table,... can also be placed on a second monitor.

Save or load configurations

Via Main menu > View > User configuration you can Save or Load the configuration of the user inferface (toolbars, hotkeys,...). In this way you can share your configuration with other colleagues and you can set different configurations depending on the type of projects you are working on. You can also go back to the default SCIA Engineer settings via Restore default.

Via Main menu > View > Global UI settings you can change directories or the language (when you have the language module and if the language is installed). There is as well a new function to end a command via the right mouse click and an option to bypass the input dialog: