Defining your own materials in the (default) system database

If you want to have your own list of materials into the system database, so that each time you start a new project, you can use this list as standard materials of SCIA Engineer?

Perform the following steps:


1. Save the list of materials in a database file in an existing project

In the material library you choose to store the materials in a database file. Then you must give this file a name and you can copy materials in this file. The parts that you copy, will eventually be the new list for the system database for the materials.


2. Replace the system database file with your own file

Rename the file that you have created in step 1 to 'EP_MaterialHeaderEC_EN' (with or without the extension. db4 depending on your PC writing an extension to all files). Then go to the folder where SCIA Engineer is installed (for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\SCIA\Engineer2012.0) and go here to the "Db" folder.

There you can place the database file that you have created yourself. You can rename or delete the original file, and then SCIA Engineer will recognize your new list of materials.