How to round nodal coordinates?

After the import of structures from CAD software, the coordinates of structural nodes are not every time rounded. That applies not only to import from DWG, DXF, but also from IFC files. At first sight, the numbers look nice, as if rounded, but this is only because the numbers in the cells of the property window are rounded for the display. The amount of displayed decimal digits is defined in the Units settings and by default the length units are set to Meters with 3 decimal places.

SCIA Engineer - Rounding of node coordinates

If you want to edit the number, however, it becomes clear that it is in fact a very small number instead of the “0” value.

SCIA Engineer - Rounding of node coordinates

This can lead to troubles during mesh generation, or when using load-panels, especially with the 3D wind load engine.

There are 2 ways how to round the numbers. Both work with the Table Input.

  1. The coordinates can be exported to MS Excel. There, you can round the numbers. You have to be carefully, because if you copy the area back to the Table Input, then the numbers will be copied back. Therefore, it is good to copy and paste the values in MS Excel over the same place using the “Values” only option for the paste action.
  2. In the Table Input, there is also a function for rounding. It is a little bit hidden. You can type “~0.01” to round to 2 decimal digits. The character “~” is so called “Tilde”. 
    SCIA Engineer - Rounding of node coordinates