What does the message about EnvESARemoteApp means?

By creating a new project, or opening an existing one, it is possible that the following message appears:

This message means that the user don't have enough rights on the temp folder (temporary files).

The location of the temp folder can be viewed by going to 'Setup > Options > tab Directories > Temporary files'

There are 2 ways to solve this problem:

  • The user makes sure that he/she have enough rights for this folder
  • The user changes the location of the temp folder. De temp folder has to be placed at a location where the user do have the necessary rights.
    The location of the temp folder can be adapted via 'Setup > Options > tab Directories > Temporary files'.

    By double-clicking on the path to the temp folder, an additional button with 3 dots appears behind this path. By clicking on this button, the temp folder can be placed at another location.

    hese changes are not applied until SCIA Engineer is closed and started again.