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Clean model

Details of Clean model

  • Module code ESA11504
  • Software
    • SCIA AutoConverter
  • FAQ topic

This FAQ bundles some questions and answers on cleaning the model in SCIA AutoConverter.

Question: Can I re-define IFC groups (on the left) in AutoConverter or Bimplus?
Answer: No, this can be done only in the source application from where the structural model is coming from.

Question: In the Invert filter, I can see some objects which I did not add, and they are not listed in the filter.
Answer: These objects are from IFC groups. We don’t show them in the filter list if the whole IFC group is turned ON/OFF.

Question: What is filtering good for?
Answer: You can say what should remain “visible” and can be therefore used to be converted to structural analysis model.

Question: What is the difference between using filters and hiding object via the Eye icon at the bottom of the screen?
Answer: Hiding objects via the Eye icon at the bottom of the screen is just for hiding it, such an object is still in “active view” and will be converted to structural model. This is convenient for viewing and investigating the model. Only the objects which has been turned off via discipline, IFC group or filter will be excluded from the conversion.

Question: Do I change structural model by applying filters?
Answer: No, structural model cannot be changed by filters, you are only saying what is “visible” and what is not.

Question: What is used for the conversion to the analysis model?
Answer: Selection of any has the priority. If nothing is selected, all visible objects in the scene are used for conversion.

Question: I am applying the filters, but nothing is happening in the 3D scene.
Answer: Be sure you have turned ON the filters. It is the right-most button located at the bottom of the screen.

Question: How can I review the original model without deleting the filters?
Answer: You can turn ON/OFF current filter by the right-most button on the bottom of the screen.

Question: Can I save applied filters?
Answer: Yes, you can. Once saved, it is shared on the team level with other team members.

Question: Who can delete saved filters?
Answer: Anyone who is invited to the team, so be careful before deleting any existing filters, they cannot be restored once deleted.