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Select model

Details of Select model

  • Module code ESA11502
  • Software
    • SCIA AutoConverter
  • FAQ topic

This FAQ bundles some questions and answers on how to select a model in the SCIA AutoConverter.

Question: I cannot see any models in SCIA AutoConverter
Answer: Model is turned on by the Eye icon in the model list. If the list is empty, make sure you are in the correct team and a project with already uploaded and processed model is selected.

Question: I have uploaded a model to Bimplus, but I cannot see it in SCIA AutoConverter.
Answer: The model in SCIA AutoConverter is available only after it is correctly processed on Bimplus server. You will receive an email when the process is finished. The process time depends on the size of your model.

Question: The model shown in SCIA AutoConverter seems to be incomplete.
Answer: Make sure all disciplines are turned ON. Also double-check the export settings of source CAD application.

Question: Can I re-define disciplines of the model in SCIA AutoConverter or Bimplus?
Answer: No, this can be done only in the source application from where the structural model is coming from.