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Upload Model

Details of Upload Model

  • Module code ESA11501
  • Software
    • SCIA AutoConverter
  • FAQ topic

This FAQ bundles some questions and answers on uploading a model to the SCIA AutoConverter.

Question: How will I upload a structural model to AutoConverter?
Answer: You can use a direct import via Bimplus webpage, or integrated interface in your CAD application.

Question: What file formats are supported to be uploaded to Bimplus as structural models?
Answer: You can use *.skp, *.ifc, *.ifczip.

Question: Can I upload a model directly from a CAD application?
Answer: It depends if the CAD application has established interface with Bimplus. Some desktop applications have fully integrated the interface (Allplan – structural model, SCIA Engineer – analysis model), others has dedicated plugins (Revit – structural model). Search the knowledge base of your CAD application.

Question: How will I upload the analysis model to AutoConverter?
Answer: Upload to SCIA AutoConverter can be done via SAF file import or via Bimplus exchange interface built in SCIA Engineer (Main menu > File > Export to > Bimplus).

Question: Can I use IFC to upload analysis model?
Answer: No, IFC is only for structural models. For analysis model use SAF or Bimplus exchange in SCIA Engineer.

Question: Upload of an analysis model from SCIA Engineer takes very long.
Answer: This strictly depends on the size of the model. Uploading a model with loads and results can significantly increase the upload time.