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Modify wind pressure coefficients

Details of Modify wind pressure coefficients

In order to change the wind pressure coefficients generated by the 3D wind generator for a specific element/load panel, you should firstly select the wind data associated to the element/panel in object, thus click on 'edit zones'.

At this point the zone editor window appears. By means of this it is possible to edit both the zones geometry as well as the associated pressure coefficients:

To modify zone and/or pressure coefficients you should switch from 'Generate' to 'Manual design' or in alternative to 'Template according to EC-EN':

  • the “manual design” option allows you to draw from scratch the wind zones;
  • the “template according to EC-EN” option allows you to operate on a template of zones based on Eurocode.

With both options you should set the pressure coefficients manually, zone by zone.

To create new zones: the “divide” command allows you to create new zones by vertically/horizontally dividing already existing zones:

To delete existing zones: the “join” command allows you to remove existing zones by merging them with other zones

Finally, the pressure coefficients can be manually input for each zone in the dedicated window: