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ADM API with C#

Details of ADM API with C#

  • Module code ESA1927
  • Software
    • SCIA Engineer
  • FAQ topic

Follow the steps below to install and set up Visual Studio so you can use the ADM API / OpenAPI in combination with C#.

You can find documentation on the ADM (Analysis Data Model) API here.

First download the (free) Community version of Visual Studio via following link:

Install Visual Studio with the .NET desktop development Workload and following Individual components:

Then open Visual Studio and continue without code:

Go to Extensions > Manage Extensions, search for SCIA to find the SCIA OpenAPI Project Template and install it:

You will get a message when the installation is succesfull:

After relaunching Visual Studio you can create a new project:

Search for the SCIA Engineer OpenAPI Project template, select the template and proceed:

Next time that you create a new project, the SCIA Engineer OpenAPI Project template will be in the list of Recent project templates.

Set the version of SCIA Engineer that you would like to use:

The new project is created. You can test if everything runs properly by running the script:

Make sure to close SCIA Engineer and continue with Y:

If SCIA Engineer starts properly, everything seems to be working fine and you can start writing your script.


The archive SciaEngineer.OpenApi.SEN22_0 contains a Visual Studio project with an example project using the ADM API:

For more info about ADM, see also:

The archive gvSEN3rdP contains a Visual Studio project with an example project using the 3rd Party SDK ADM API:

Via the link below you can find an example of the user_third_party_link.json file for SCIA Engineer 22.1:

For more info, see also: