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Export results to a dwg or dxf file

Details of Export results to a dwg or dxf file

In SCIA Engineer images can be saved as dwg or dxf files. Also results can be exported in this way.

First you can generate the desired result, for example 2D deformations. Then you can right-click in the graphical scene and choose 'Save image to file':

A dialog pops-up where you can define the location of the file, the File name and the extension (2D dwg, 3D dwg, 2D dxf and 3D dxf):

Possible to export all kinds of finite element results (deformations, internal forces, ...), design results (reinforcement design,...) and checks, both for 1D and 2D members.

For 2D results, the visualisation (isobands, isolines,...) can be changed via Drawing setup 2D:

This method could also be used to export the final deformation of a cable structure. Especially in that case keep in mind that you can change in the scale settings the 'Scale type' to 'real ratio' and 'Deformation [1:x]' to '1':