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Results lock

Details of Results lock

  • Module code ESA1432
  • Software
    • SCIA Engineer
  • FAQ topic

With the option Results lock it is possible to keep the results available in SCIA Engineer, even after applying changes to the model (for example deleting elements, changing values of loads,...).

Of course the results are outdated when changes are made, but with this option you can still ask for the results to make changes elsewhere in the model,...

You can activate or deactivate Results Lock in the status bar at the top right side of the user interface:

When Results lock is activated, a red dashed square is drawn around the graphical window and a red exclamation mark is shown at the top left side of this square, to indicate that Results lock is activated and that results could be outdated:


Also in the Report preview a remark is given that the output can be outdated.

When you deactivate the Results lock and there are changes made in the model, the results will be deleted from the file and you need to recalculate the project to become the latest results.