How to add plastic behavior to 2D members?

Activate the following functionalities in the project settings to allow modelling plasticity:

  • Nonlinearity
  • General plasticity

Once these functionalities have been activated, a plastic behavior can be assigned to the used materials in your project. Go to the material library (Libraries -> Materials) and change the filter for the materials to ‘Used’ (see image). The material behavior can be changed from ‘Elastic’ to ‘Isotropic elasto-plastic’ combined with a specific yield criterion. For steel materials the type ‘Isotropic elasto-plastic, Von Mises’ is advised.

Next you can choose between an elasto-plastic behavior with or without hardening. Enter the maximum yield stress and a hardening modulus if necessary.

Finally, create some non-linear combinations and the plastic behavior will be taken into account in the non-linear calculation.