Economical and clearly documented steel and composite design in SCIA Engineer 19

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Tue 25 June 2019 - 15:00 to 16:00 CEST
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Create a safe, economical and transparently documented design thanks to extended automation, better management of extensive models, more robust optimisation and other newly added functionalities.

SCIA Engineer 19 brings multiple improvements and new functionalities that will help you handle the design of steel and composite structures such as multi-storey buildings, warehouses, industrial plants and other civil engineering structures with minimum effort while simultaneously increasing the overall efficiency of standard day-to-day tasks.


Watch our webinar and learn about:

  1. How SCIA Engineer covers serviceability limit state requirements for members designed according to EuroCode 3.
    • combined checks for total and variable load deflections
    • improved inputs
    • camber design
    • interactive, graphical workflow in SLS design
    • and many other outstanding features for steel structures.
  1. Plastic hinges in 64bit and extended with EuroCode National annex support: this extension ensures the better management of large models, in the case where plastic moment redistribution is captured on the level of analysis.
  2. A few significant extensions in EuroCode 4 composite floor design:
    • a more economical stud design: linking building practice and detailing to an optimisation routine ensure better convergence, also in the case of more complex geometries and multiple web openings per beam;
    • a more concise and informative Standard report that presents design solutions at a glance and helps identify any outstanding issues;
    • transparent reporting on the level of Detailed report with references for all formulas;

The improved reports, faster checks and a smoother optimisation make this module an indispensable tool for building designers.



Iveta Georgieva is Product Manager at SCIA. She oversees new developments in the software and verifies that customer needs are met. She is responsible for steel, composite, timber and aluminium design, as well as scaffolding. She is also the advocate for users in Germany, United Kingdom and the Nordic countries. Before SCIA, her PhD dissertation at the KULeuven in Belgium addressed cold-formed steel: namely, the increased load-bearing capacity of innovative, build-up solutions from thin-walled steel profiles.

[EN] Economical and clearly documented steel and composite design in SCIA Engineer 19