(EN1994) Composite Design 2013

Webinar date: 
Wed 01 January 2014 - 10:00 CET

Scia Engineer offers a solution for the design of composite steel-concrete columns and beams. It calculates their strength, stability and stiffness. It also performs the fire-resistance design.


Composite steel-concrete beams EC 4:
The composite steel-concrete design module designs composite beams at the final (composite) stage (EN 1994) and at the construction (non-composite) stage (EN 1993).

Composite steel-concrete columns EC 4
Several checks are performed according to the ultimate limit state: resistance of members in axial compression, combined compression and uniaxial bending, combined compression and biaxial bending and influence of transverse shear on resistance to bending.

[Eng] (EN1994) Composite Design 2013


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