SCIA Engineer 19 – Design Accelerated

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Thu 23 May 2019 - 15:00 to 16:00 CEST
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Reduce the time spent on your project with SCIA Engineer 19.

SCIA Engineer 19 brings multiple workflow improvements as well as many new functionalities that will help you handle the analysis and design of multi-storey buildings and other civil engineering structures with minimum effort while simultaneously increasing the overall efficiency of standard day-to-day tasks.


The first of the SCIA Engineer 19 webinars will give you a brief overview of all the major improvements.

Watch our webinar and learn about:

  • Streamlined analysis workflow for masonry with simple reduction of arching effect and advanced non-linear capabilities
  • Design of reinforcement in concrete beams and columns with automatic placement of bars
  • Improved design of shear reinforcement in concrete members using templates and zones
  • Serviceability checks for steel structures according to EN 1993 and SIA 263 for permanent and variable loads
  • Economical stud design for composite floors taking into account building practice requirements
  • New integration member applicable to linear as well as non-linear analysis integrating internal forces from 2D and 1D members
  • Updated absences for simulation of construction stages in the standard project type
  • Enhanced sections on 2D members supporting layers, new selection options and resultants
  • Brand-new API interface for easy integration of SCIA Engineer into your own solution
  • Speed improvements in many standard actions like open / save project, copy / move entity, open long Engineering Report, etc.
  • And much more...


Stay also tuned for three upcoming webinars that will present some of the new functionalities in detail:

  • design of concrete structures
  • design of composite and steel structures
  • parametric design using a brand new OpenAPI



Jaroslav Broz is an experienced member of SCIA Product Management Team. He works as a Product manager and focuses primarily on BIM & interoperability and advance calculations. He is also responsible for the collection of demands and feedback from Czech, Slovak and Austrian markets. Before his career at SCIA, he received PhD degree in structural mechanics at Czech technical university in Prague for his disertation thesis: “Solving large-scale engineering problems on parallel computers”.

Vladimir Pribramsky has been with SCIA for 3 years. In his current position of a Product Manager he is responsible for the graphical user interface, finite-element analyses, presentation of results and Engineering Report. Vladimir worked as a structural engineer for a few years after his master’s studies and he is currently co-lecturing at the Czech Technical University. He has also an extensive knowledge of automated software testing and quality assurance.

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