Handling result peaks on surfaces with Scia Engineer

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Tue 04 February 2014 - 14:00 to 14:45 CET
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Extreme result peaks are a frequent consequence of how singularities are modeled in a FE package. They can lead to an uneconomical design – or even sometimes to a situation where slab reinforcement can’t be designed.

Scia Engineer offers several strategies to cope with this situation. During this 45 minutes webinar, we will introduce several best practices to reduce those singularities and get results closer to the real behavior of the materials:

  • Averaging strips to post-process the results
  • Sub-regions with a distributed area support, or increased local stiffness
  • Using sections along a line
  • Etc.

All these strategies lead to a more economical design, lower amount of reinforcement in slabs or thinner plates in steel details.


Handling result peaks on surfaces with Scia Engineer**


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