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Baudin Aquarium


Details of Aquarium

  • Client
  • Country France
  • Software
    • SCIA Engineer

The aquarium is located at the coast in Canet-en-Roussillon, France. The building is composed of three blocks separated by expansion joints. The usable surface is about 3,500 m² (65 m x 55 m) and the height is 11 m. 

This project is characterized by a combination of concrete and steel elements the aim of which is to optimise the global stability. After studying the block B and the global model, we can demonstrate that the concrete structure under the first floor can be considered as infinitely rigid. Therefore, we can model only the steel structure and concrete walls above +5.5 m. This part is asymmetric in two directions. That causes torsion and amplifies internal forces between the stability elements, mostly under seismic loads. In order to simplify the connections between the concrete and steel parts and to help with the erection of the structure, steel columns were added into the walls (blocks A and B).

In SCIA Engineer, the stability analysis was used to determine buckling lengths of the main frames. Due to the asymmetry in the structure, the number of vibration modes was increased and the mesh refined to obtain the necessary mass participation in the dynamic and seismic analysis. The joints of the main frame are semi-rigid, therefore the stiffness of the connections was subsequently reintroduced into the SCIA Engineer’s model. During this project, SCIA customer service was very supportive in helping us to solve our modelling issues.

Client information

Baudin Chateauneuf is a French construction group of 1,300 employees. The main activities, since 1919, are construction of buildings and bridges. Through new and renovated constructions, mobile structures and being a general contractor, the group is famous for steel construction and its 30 specialised skills. With 22 offices in France and abroad, Baudin Chateauneuf is able to answer to the most varied needs for projects of all types and sizes.

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