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Office Building Krinkels

Details of Office Building Krinkels

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A new office space for Krinkels, a specialist in Green, Infra, Water and Sport, is located next to the A16 highway in Breda. The building has two storeys (excluding the basement), of which the top storey looks as if floating. A donut-shaped floorplan with a variable cross-section of the floor slab (becoming thinner towards the edges to reduce its weight) which cantilevers 5.5 m over the interior columns is a literal and proverbial crown on top of the building.

The floor slabs of the first floor and the roof can carry their own weight but are connected by tension columns in the façade to ensure a secondary load path and to minimise differences in deflection. Furthermore, the ring forces in the floor slab reduce the deformation. These two effects can only be taken into account in a full 3D analysis. 

The deformations turned out to be twice as small when compared to a simple analysis model in which only a floor segment was analysed (without the ring effect). Accurate calculation of the deformations in SCIA Engineer was crucial to determine the camber of the floor slabs. Furthermore, the polar coordinate system allowed us to calculate radial moments which in turn were translated into a radial reinforcement mesh.

Client information

Pieters Bouwtechniek is a leading, independent engineering firm specializing in construction-related consulting. Making sure the load-bearing structures of building projects have the right composition has been our business since 1974. From structural design and advice through the final completion of the building. With offices in Haarlem, Utrecht, Delft, Amsterdam and Zwolle. Grown out of love for our profession.

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