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SCIA Student Contest 2022

Space canopy

Details of Space canopy between the BlueBox and the H-building- Bochum University

  • Country Germany
  • Software
    • SCIA Engineer
  • Graduation year 2022
  • Institution University of Bochum
  • Student name Adel Echresh

Space canopy between the BlueBox and the H-building- Bochum University

The project was given to students with the main focus PlusCampus - energy and meeting of the students.
We had to make a construction design and dimensioning of a roofing between the BlueBox (building for architecture faculty) and the H-building (seminar building).
The new roofing should allow different inlets such as, book exhibitions, events, seminars etc.
As a construction of the roof steel pipes were used and they were connected to static constructions with spherical connecting elements (Mero system).
The roof structure stands on a 8X8 pyramid-shaped support. Furthermore, the roof is additionally supported by eight cables. The roofing is planned with 50% PV panels & 50% glass all flat.
During planning, some factors should be considered, such as photovoltaic elements that provide power supply of the adjacent buildings on the roof structure.
The roofing has a slight inclination from all sides towards the support area, so that in winter the rainwater and snow water in the pyramid are more easily directed and drained.
The largest span without a single support is from the Pyramide area to the tip of the longer arm and has a length of 23 meters.

My name is Adel Echresh, I am 30 years old, I´m from Iran, but I live in Germany. I study Architecture at the University of Bochum.
I chose architecture because as a child I was always interested in incredibly spectacular buildings. And to this day I am still fascinated by the new generation of architecture.
I emigrated with my family to Germany a couple of years ago. In order to get requirements for participation in a university, I worked hard. I would give at this point to all students in the world the following advice: "it does not matter how hard it is, never give up".

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