40th Anniversary of Scia - Great Structures. Great Engineers. Great Software.

Wednesday, 1 January, 2014

Great Structures...
Great Engineers...
Great Software...

40th Anniversary of Scia

Scia started 40 years ago as a small company in Belgium to develop scientific applications on desktop computers (HP and Wang).  Two main products came out: Bestmix (linear programming & optimization of animal feed) and ESA (Engineering Structural Analysis), which was renamed six years ago to Scia Engineer. The company has grown steadily to its current size of 130 staff working in 10 offices, with clients in 80 countries worldwide. Since 2006 Scia is a member of the Nemetschek Group (with headquarters in Munich, Germany, stock listed in Frankfurt), a global leader in AEC software.

In those 40 years Great Structures have been designed and built thanks to Scia software: landmarks like Burj Khalifa (Dubai, contractor Besix), Rolex Learning Center at EPFL (Lausanne, BG Ingénieurs Conseils), Helsinki Music Hall (Vahanen Consulting Engineers), Metro Station Strizkov (Prague, Excon a.s.), Confluences Museum (Lyon, Tractebel Engineering), City Bridge Nijmegen (BAM Infraconsult bv and Ney Engineers), National Music Center (Calgary, KPFF), New Energy Institute(Wuhan/China, Grontmij Nederland bv) and many more.

Great Engineers are our clients who dare to move limits. Scia software is used in many top consultant offices, by multidisciplinary teams, by contractors, by fabricators, by construction suppliers, by control and governmental institutes, by education institutions as well as by the designer around the corner.

Great Software is what we are proud of; this software is not only used for landmarks by exceptional engineers but by thousands of daily practitioners.

Thank You All heartily.  We wish you a healthy and fruitful New Year 2014 and hope to see you at one of the conferences which are planned at the occasion of our anniversary.