Acceptance of Scia Engineer by UAE municipalities

Wednesday, 29 February, 2012
United Arab Emirates

Scia Engineer is gaining more and more recognition in the United Arab Emirates. The Dubai Municipality and Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority have stated that they now accept projects that were designed with Scia Engineer in their districts. The software has already been installed in their offices. Two more local authorities are currently engaged in the process of reviewing Scia Engineer.

In the UAE, municipalities require the designers to submit the computer model with design calculations and drawings to obtain a building permit. The federal nature of the UAE means that each emirate has an independent municipality. In addition to the municipalities, most free zones have independent authorities similar to municipalities.

Not all Middle Eastern countries follow the same rule. In Qatar and Saudi Arabia don’t review the design calculations. Therefore, the approval of the municipalities is not required in most cases.

For more information, contact Mr Omar Alani (, Nemetschek Scia Middle East.