Allplan 2013-1

Tuesday, 26 March, 2013

Allplan 2013-1 is now available and can be downloaded using the Auto Update function in Allplan or from Allplan Connect.
Unlike most software service packs, Allplan 2013-1 was developed to include numerous new features requested by our users. Enjoy enhancements and detailing improvements that help draftsmen get through their everyday work more easily and effectively than ever before!
New features and improvements were implemented across all areas: engineering, SmartParts, productivity, plotting/layout, ...


Allplan 2013-1 positions you successfully in international engineering and offers greater versatility for engineering offices.

  • Reinforcement planning has been enhanced to include international detailing norms and standards, including:
    • EN: Europe (Eurocode)
    • DIN EN: Germany (Eurocode with German appendix)
    • NEN EN: the Netherlands (Eurocode with Dutch appendix)
    • BS EN: Great Britain (Eurocode with British appendix)
    • TS 500: Turkey (TÜRK STANDARDI)
    • RISC: Canada (Reinforcing Steel Institute of Canada)
    • NTC: Italy (Norme Tecniche per le Costruzioni)
    • IS: India (Indian Standard)
  • With regard to international projects, you can find additional standards as well as cross-section catalogs for Australia, New Zealand, Canada, China, India, Norway and Turkey. The cross-section catalogs for France, Italy and South Korea provide revised and new features.
  • Associative Views & Sections
    There are new display options for covered surfaces for associative views and sections. When creating hidden line images and associative sections, you can now assign surface elements to intersected areas of 3D objects and to all hidden and intersected areas. This way, you can now visually highlight surface walls in upper stories or any supporting structures that are hidden.


Allplan 2013-1 makes adjusting components easier with new SmartParts

  • Users can tailor the new components including Straight Ramp and Spiral Ramp with SmartParts technology to their individual needs using numerous parameters.
  • New features in the SmartPart Editor for Programming SmartParts
  • Same units as in Allplan. The SmartPart dialog boxes and palettes use the units currently set for the length and angle in Allplan.


Allplan 2013-1 makes you more productive than any other CAD software

  • The new island recognition: Geometry calculation now automatically identifies closed contours ("islands") within a space, meaning they no longer have to be clicked on individually.
  • The tools in the "Modify Layer Status" dialog box can now be used individually and independently of the dialog box and can be integrated into any toolbar.
  • Selecting congruent elements is much easier now: when you come across congruent elements, the elements found are displayed in a list.
  • Accelerated renderings: As long as you do not change the geometry or the surfaces of a scene, the program does not load new data, speeding up subsequent renderings.


Plans get to the building site faster with Allplan 2013-1 with faster plotting/layout

  • The processing speed for plots and layouts increases with the option to modify polygonal plan windows directly.
  • The definition of an Allplan standard plotter, automatic paper size adjustment, and other settings for PDF export help speed up the process.

... and many more new features can be found on: