A brand new tool for concrete section design and checking

Tuesday, 26 February, 2013

Many voices in the construction industry today seem mostly preoccupied with evolutions like (Open) BIM, advanced analysis types or complex new building codes. However, the daily practice of engineers still often consists of “simply” designing reinforced concrete sections to optimally withstand the applied forces.

In many regions, be it for buildings or bridges, the concrete designer has the culture to input a cross-section, existing internal forces (received from structural analysis software like Scia Engineer) and reinforcement (based on experience) and then perform several ULS and SLS checks to find the optimal reinforcement. This way, the designer remains in control and gets a feel for his design.

Both Scia (with the older ESA Concrete Section) and Frilo (with B2) have offered for some time such a type of solution. Many of you requested a new version of these classics…

Jointly developed by Frilo and Scia after extensive consultation with our clients, the brand new Frilo Concrete Section module combines the strong points of both.

We are today pleased to announce that it will be launched soon! It will offer a range of great features, including:

  • Clear ribbon-based user interface
  • Design of reinforcement areas (As in mm²)
  • User-definable templates for input of practical reinforcement
  • ULS checks
    • Capacity check bi-axial bending (My-Mz)
    • Capacity check bending + normal force (N-My/N-Mz/My-Mz)
    • Capacity check bending + Torsion (My-Mz-Mx)
    • Capacity check torsion (Mx)
    • Capacity check shear (Vy+Vz)
    • Capacity check shear + Torsion (Vy-Vz-Mx)
    • Design Bending + Shear
    • Stiffness/response ULS
    • M-Kappa diagram
  • SLS checks
    • Stress check for several types of load combinations
    • Crack width check
    • Stiffness/response SLS
  • Checking of multiple load combinations at once
  • Graphics to increase transparency of the results: capacity diagrams, M-Kappa diagram, stress-strain curves, detailed output

The Frilo Concrete Section tool will run as stand-alone software and will be linked to Scia Engineer, to e.g. copy-paste the internal forces straight from the structural analysis.

Are you interested or just curious? Do not hesitate to contact your local sales representative for more information!