Coming soon! Scia Concrete Section 2.1

Wednesday, 1 October, 2014

This fast & transparent tool to check any reinforced concrete section has been improved in many areas based on the feedback from the users.


The most visible changes are:

  • A more user-friendly user interface
  • Nicer layout of the output with e.g. a one A4 summary-page
  • Design of reinforcement (on top of checks) is now available!


For the user, the new features mean more possibilities, a faster learning curve, more productivity and a perfect-looking calculation report in one click!

Other improvements include:

  • Updated Eurocode National Annexes
  • Member type selection (beam/column): if a column is slender, then the internal forces are automatically recalculated
  • Added torsion checks
  • Added full interaction of shear + torsion + normal force + bending moments
  • NA and user-defined limit of crack width for the SLS check
  • Added deflection check taking into account creep and cracking
  • Design of longitudinal reinforcement acc. to ULS (bending)
  • Design of shear reinforcement acc. to ULS (bending)
  • Full design->check workflow: the designed reinforcement can be used in the checks and even edited.


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