E2E (Engineers to Engineers) a variant of B2B?

Wednesday, 3 August, 2016

Offering software to engineers is a tough profession.  Engineers are eager to understand all functionalities of a comprehensive software product adapted to their needs.

Engineers to engineers, it is the most direct way for successful business operations. It is true that a complete software product needs competent explanation. And who is more competent in engineering software than engineers themselves ? And it is very true that innovative concepts deserve attention of the future users.

The shortage of engineers in Europe may not lead to a regression for adopting innovative software by engineers. As a software supplier we strive to understand the issues  to which our future users are confronted.  Interoperability between programs? Complex engineering tasks? Productivity increases through new design & fabrication processes? Fully integrated company specific engineering work? New building codes?  Automated drawings? Optimization in design? Etc. etc.

E2E is SCIA's way to market. It differentiates us from other software suppliers. Our competent centers take care of sales, of training, of after-sales support, of consultancy.  The success of our company is precisely its deployment of E2E, in many countries of this world.