Launch of an international version of Scia Engineer (rel.14.1.i)

Monday, 1 December, 2014

Scia is addressing the market of structural engineering in the Americas (both North and South) through its offices in Columbia (Maryland) and in Sao Paulo (Brazil). Thanks to the launch of the Scia Design Forms platform integrated in Scia Engineer, Scia is bringing out localized versions of its structural software.  During last month the latest release came on the market with the Brazilian design codes for steel and concrete (NBR) built-in.  In the same release also the USA related codes are incorporated: design of composite decks & beams and steel connection design following AISC 360-10, see the example.

Also European companies perform design work for structures constructed in North or South America. For example, the AECOM office in London (UK) has been designing several sport arenas for the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (2016), as seen in the picture. Scia Engineer has been used extensively for modelling, for complex analysis, for design work …

The world is a global village where Scia plays an important role in providing best-of-class structural design software.

Olympic Parc, Rio - Design by AECOM
Olympic Parc,  Rio - Design by AECOM AISC base plate design