The launch of Scia Engineer release 2013 and the Scia Resource Center

Wednesday, 29 May, 2013

In June, Scia is releasing the new version of its flagship product for engineering analysis and design.

A lot of new technology is bundled in this release:

  • New Engineering Report, which is a powerful tool to generate engineering design documentation ;  the report has many innovations, with facilities for large reports, composing tables with text, the new clipboard functionality, etc.
  • Enhanced IFC export and import for open BIM interoperability; more design details are exchangeable, among others: foundations, connection details, reinforcement bars, tendons, ...
  • Improved seismic analysis for high rise buildings with results per storey and easier generation of masses
  • Concrete code check with integrated Design Forms, according to the NBR Brazilian code, and applicable as a custom check for other building codes
  • New cross section characteristics calculation (including warping)
  • New reinforcement charts

and many more exciting features. For detailed information go to

We also welcome the new Scia Resource Center
We are pleased to present you a new digital source of technical information, the Scia Resource Center.  This modern version of the printed catalogue brings along several innovations:

  • Accessible through web on PC, Tablet and Smart phone
  • Multimedia content (text, images, videos, …)
  • Extensive content with the product catalogue and datasheets, project benchmarks, technical articles, user examples (user contest books) and more to come
  • More products to come, starting with Scia Engineer and Scia Design Forms

In the future this new medium will be more interactive, by creating a two way communication between the reader and Scia.