Nemetschek Frilo

Thursday, 16 August, 2012

Nemetschek Frilo, shortly known as Frilo, has a portfolio of more than 90 different independent applications to cover a wide range of demands in practice. Reinforced concrete is a main topic of Frilo, but also many programs for steel, timber, masonry and foundations are available. 

Engineering applications for the daily business is the main topic for Frilo inside the Nemetschek Structural Group. With the experience of more than 30 years developing civil engineering design software, with the feedback of more than 8000 customers in Germany and some other countries, Frilo is a specialist of all details concerning the eurocode design rules and of course also for the german design rules.

Frilo is mostly used with standalone applications, but it is also integrated in the large applications of the Nemetschek Structural Group  to give valuable addons to Scia Engineer and Allplan.

Why to use Frilo?

All Frilo programs are designed to match the practical requirements of engineers. Simple to use, compact and informative output, full interpretation of all design details, full control by the user concerning the calculation details - these are the main advantages of all Frilo programs. In addition, a very good price/performance ratio makes it available for every engineer and his daily work.


The Frilo Building Model, shortly named as GEO, is a special practical solution to get the overview of all loads and load distributions in a complex building. There is a simple way to build up the structure by defining the plate contours for each floor and connecting the floors together with columns and walls. The support elements are not defined as real objects; they are generated internally from the supports of the plate. Powerful functions for generating all types of loads create even a complete system in a very short time.

The Frilo.Document.Designer, shortly named as FDD, is a tool to setup a complete digital calculation-and-check report, consisting of all calculation-and-check items and, in addition, it is possible to add external files like PDF, Word, Excel and many other types of documents. The final document is numbered from the top to the bottom, with automatically generated table of contents and you end up with a comprehensive PDF document that can be sent to any collaborator who needs to read it.

Static-To-Go, the first Frilo iPad App is additional software that allows you to take all FDD documents with you when you are leaving your office. Every item of the document is available on iPad and you may add remarks, which enables you to document the outcomes of a meeting. Back to the office, the remarks are synchronized with the original data and you can, one by one, process all the remarks you have got during the meeting session.

With the next News we will provide information on some interesting details about the Eurocode design rules.