Nemetschek Scia and the Eurocodes, together a step forward!

Thursday, 2 February, 2012

The arrival of the Eurocodes is announced in the European Member States for a while now. These changes have an unprecedented impact on the construction sector in general. Although the deadline for the replacement of the National Codes by the Eurocodes was March 2010, more Member States are just now about to finish the transition phase.

Nemetschek Scia kept up its pace of innovation and implemented the larger part of the Eurocodes including numerous important National Annexes. A library of indispensable Nationally Determined Parameters is available in Scia Engineer allowing the user to design the structure according to the recommended country-specific methods and values of the Eurocode for the country of construction. For companies active on an international scale, the integration of nearly all of the National Annexes in one software platform is a clear cost- and technical benefit.

In the meanwhile, our team continues to remain ahead of each of the member states allowing all professionals to work in accordance with the latest update of their national standards. Furthermore, Nemetschek Scia aims to integrate the full range of Eurocodes, including timber and additional developments with regards to seismic design in the near future.

For more news on the latest implementation of EC and the National Annexes, visit our Eurocode website or have a look at this article.