New book from our partner Penelis in Greece: Concrete Buildings in Seismic Regions

Monday, 24 March, 2014

Concrete Buildings
in Seismic Regions

G. Penelis & G. Penelis 
CRC Press 
ISBN 978-0-415-53763-6

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If you are involved in seismic design of buildings and you get lost in the various theories and assumptions necessary to understand Eurocode 8 and the ACI 318, then this book is a MUST. 

In 848 pages you get to know:

  • structural dynamics
  • design principles
  • configuration of earthquake resistance for reinforced concrete structures
  • structural analysis
  • capacity design
  • RC Frames-RC walls-foundations and seismic resistance
  • pathology and emergency post earthquake damage inspection
  • retrofitting and repair
  • risk management
  • and much more... 

Many examples are worked out, including designs of structures with Scia Engineer & ECtools.

This is the most comprehensive and accessible book to the theme of seismicity and structures and I highly recommend it.

ir. Jean-Pierre Rammant
CEO, Nemetschek Scia

Read the table of contents and some sections of this book on Google Books 

Concrete buildings in seismic regions