New release: Solibri Model Checker v8, improved ease-of-use for QA/QC in Open BIM.

Monday, 28 January, 2013

Fast fo​rward – but keep it easy

With the introduction of Solibri Model Checker version 8, Solibri solves the challenge by introducing step-by-step QA/QC process support. It enables the AEC community, for the first time, to perform repeatable QA/QC and BIM analysis tasks with unsurpassed ease, and to implement a BIM Quality Assurance process, guided by clear and concise instructions taking BIM QA/QC accuracy, easiness and effectiveness to a new level.


What is new in SMC ​V8.0?

Unsurpassed Easiness and Effectiveness for QA/QC Process

Solibri Model Checker version 8 includes a new step-by-step BIM QA/QC process where Role and Ruleset selection provides the user with clear instructions about things to do to reach reliable results. Step-by-step instructions can be easily customized for quality assurance, model analysis, and Information take-off tasks, enabling users to easily implement company-wide best practices in QA/QC.

BIM Quality Assessment at One Glance

SMCv8 now displays information on BIM quality that enables the user to assess, with one glance, the quality of the BIM. The new Result Summary view presents the checking results in absolute and relative numbers. The progress of improving the BIM quality can be then easily measured as the project goes on.

Improved rule and severity parameterization

SMCv8 now enables customers to stay focused, thanks to greatly improved Rule parameterization capabilities, on those components that are relevant at each project phase making QA/QC and model analysis extremely effective. Also, the new severity parameterization enables the users to customize quality issue severity, according to their company or project standards.

New Classification Wizard

SMCv8 includes a greatly enhanced classification tools making it possible to classify components with unprecedented ease, making checking results far more reliable than earlier.

Ruleset and Rule Development

SMCv8 includes comprehensive example Rulesets, enabling customers easily to grasp how Rules can be adapted to local and company specific usages.

Multi-touch Support for Windows 8 Tablets

The new version also has multi touch support in the 3D view on Windows platform. You can pan and magnify components with gestures, if you are using a touch screen enabled computer or a tablet.

… and many more usability improvements.


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