New in Scia Engineer 2013: Engineering Report and more!

Wednesday, 29 May, 2013

Scia Engineer 2013
Reporting Engineering Competence - comes as a major release with a set of important improvements and revolutionary features: the Engineering Report, major improvements in the seismic analysis, Open Design Checks and a lot of other enhancements.


The Engineering Report


Engineers spend most of their project time creating and updating calculation reports, whether for internal use, technical control bureaus, authorities or as final proof of their design expertise to their clients. Today we are proud to introduce the brand-new Engineering Report, which allows engineers to communicate project documentation in a whole new style.

Clean and modern ribbon-based UI

Following current UI trends, we implemented a straightforward ribbon-based GUI. For anyone familiar with MS Office software, it makes learning and using the Engineering Report convenient and fast.

Centralize all your documents into one

A range of features is now available to enable easy management of all your documents. Work with different page sizes in the same report, import dxf or dwg images, use formatted text with colours, fonts, bold or underline to communicate effectively with clients.

Full multi-processing support

Thanks to a new software architecture, the Engineering Report runs in a separate process. This brings more flexibility, support for multiple cores and thus more speed, stability and allows for use of more of the available memory.

Copy-paste from any application

Do you want to copy a CAD drawing or a text paragraph from a third party software to the Engineering Report in Scia Engineer? It’s as simple as using CTRL-C, CTRL-V and you’re done.

Export to 3D PDF, Office, web

Having your calculation report directly in your analysis software has the huge benefit of having the content in sync with any current state of your project. When you want to communicate with other engineers, you can then simply export it in one of the popular file formats like PDF (with support of 3D pictures) or more office applications.

Seismic analysis of Buildings

We introduce a new extended IRS method in our solver, which enables to drastically reduce the calculation time, even for very large projects – up to 10x faster !

The whole output of seismic results has been extended and simplified. It is e.g. possible to get all relevant results in just a few clicks, from resulting shear forces in walls to global results per storey.


Open Design Checks & Scia Design Forms

Scia Design Forms is a new standalone software that enables the users to write their own calculations and checks as communicated in our previous newsletter. Moreover, these "hand-made" calculations can be linked to the new Scia Engineer 2013.


Other Scia Engineer 2013 enhancements

  • Extended bridge combinations + checks
  • Brazilian NBR concrete code for beams & columns
  • Timber check of tapered and curved members
  • Storey Results for static analysis
  • Enhanced calculation of torsional and shear cross-section properties
  • Wizard for reinforcement sketches
  • Improvements in IFC support like foundation blocks
  • Cloud storage directly from within Scia Engineer
  • A revamped ECtools with a better integration in Scia Engineer

And much more!

Visit our release website for the complete release notes.