New Structural Design Practice with SCIA Design Forms 5.0

Monday, 2 December, 2013

Code dependant design of structures remains a major task for structural engineers. Solutions applied in practice vary from simple Microsoft Excel calculations to fully-integrated design software (as offered with SCIA Engineer). Feedback from users is that neither of the 2 solutions is satisfying; simple calculations require more extended input (and interpretation) and spreadsheets are not trustworthy for complex algorithms; also integrated design is often hiding algorithms and formulae, which leads to a black-box design, sometimes misunderstood by engineers (and control authorities). On top of that, building codes evolve rapidly, requiring continuous adaptations of the applied tools.

Transparent design sheets are a solution to this. Written by professionals for professionals, operating standalone and even integrated in a general CAE software, they are the best outcome.  Transparency means that users can see and verify the mathematics, the references to the codes (articles), the algorithms and the results (also graphically). They can test the design sheets not only on published benchmarks but also on their design experience. And they can write their own calculations using the same methodology and scripting technology.

With SCIA Design Forms the above solution has been realized at SCIA.
Forms are design sheets for detailed calculations following building codes. Various families of Design Forms are available; to be released are 3 design applications:

  •  SCIA Concrete Section (General reinforced concrete cross section checks)
  • A new steel connection tool 
  • Design of a composite beam

Interesting to mention is that the designer has full control of all variables; it allows the user to study the sensitivity of the design by adapting variables interactively. It gives rapid insight into the important factors of a structural part or detail. And the design report (brief, standard or detailed) yields a professional report including graphics and dynamic images.

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New Scia Concrete Section - Screenshots

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