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Thursday, 1 December, 2011

The construction industry is split up in many separate providers, from designers up to building part suppliers; each party is using software for different tasks (design, costs, detailing, fabrication…). Today we are aware that a major part of the inefficiency in construction comes from inadequate cooperation between the construction partners, resulting in errors, repetitive work, extra costs etc.

There are solutions to improve fundamentally the cooperation between construction partners, even with each party keeping its own existing software. If we agree on how to exchange information, if we use digital 3D models of structures, if we use standard exchange formats and if we can control the workflow between project partners, then we all win.

Good practice examples are available!

In the Netherlands for instance, a fly-over bridge was constructed near Geelen (south of the country); the project partners Movares (engineering office), Heijmans (contractor) and Van Noordenne Staal (steel reinforcement bending provider) decided to exchange to a maximum level all project data in a 3D digital way. As a result of the much better communication, the project was successfully realized within the time plan and cost budget.

More info about the Fly-Over Bridge and User Contest 2011 Winner

Project owners – mainly governmental institutions such as the Rijksgebouwendienst (Dutch State Office for Buildings) – prescribe that project data must be delivered with a standard BIM format (IFC of buildingSMART). Many software suppliers subscribe to the openBIM community and guarantee the support of the open standards defined in the buildingSMART community; to name a few: Nemetschek Allplan, Vectorworks, ArchiCAD, Nemetschek Scia, Tekla, StructureWorks and also Autodesk.

Visit buildingSMART for a full list of all its members

Software from Nemetschek Scia supporting the Open BIM initiative:

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