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Monday, 2 July, 2018

SCIA ENGINEER 18: NEW DEFAULT FUNCTIONALITY SETTINGS New default functionality settings to help you start a new project fast

SCIA Engineer offers a large amount of functionality. For easier access, individual functions are grouped based on specific functionality (e.g. dynamics, mobile loads, etc.). We had analysed the usage of individual functionalities by our users, regrouped them and optimised their default settings for SCIA Engineer 18. (read more in SCIA Resource Centre...)


SCIA ENGINEER 18: AUTOMATION Automation along the whole workflow saves you time

A number of same actions have to be repeatedly performed in (almost) every project. We had identified these operations and automated them in SCIA Engineer 18 to save you time. They include: 

  • Input of a default cross-section for each material in the project
  • Definition of the self-weight load case
  • Generation of code-based combinations
  • Definition of nonlinear combinations from the existing linear envelope combination

(read more in SCIA Resource Centre...)


SCIA ENGINEER 18: BUCKLING SETTINGS Simplification of buckling settings

Proper definition of system lengths, buckling parameters and deflection-related options is a very important and often tedious task. In SCIA Engineer 18, we present a revolutionised approach that combines the input of buckling-related data in one clear dialogue with an instant graphical representation of defined values and options.
(read more in SCIA Resource Centre...)


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