Partnership with Hardt Hyperloop

Thursday, 14 November, 2019

Hardt Hyperloop & SCIA Partnership with Hardt Hyperloop: one step closer towards future-proof public transportation

SCIA is all about innovation and using its software to build a better future. This future demands green alternatives for our current public transportation systems such as short haul flights within the European borders. SCIA wants to be part of that demanding change and decided on a partnership with Hardt Hyperloop. SCIA Engineer and Allplan are combining forces with Hardt Hyperloop to create a unique and sustainable transportation system which will inevitably change the future. SCIA and Allplan will be sponsoring their structural engineering software and will have front row seats during the testing phase of a 3 km test track. 

SCIA Engineer and Allplan, cutting-edge software that changes the future of public transportation  

At SCIA a passionate team of structural engineers invests time and effort to create the most powerful structural engineering software, SCIA Engineer. This software is used to analyse and optimize a 3D model of any structure or material. In other words, SCIA offers its clients the confidence to build and design crucial structures that shape our future. Therefore, a partnership with Hardt Hyperloop is the next step to shape the future and contribute to a sustainable way of transportation through a hyperloop network. Also Allplan, who focuses on tools to design construct and manage projects, will contribute to the Hardt Hyperloop project.  

Hardt Hyperloop & SCIA Hardt Hyperloop & SCIA Hardt Hyperloop & SCIA

Combining forces to disrupt the current transportation industry

The Hardt Hyperloop system is a green on-demand, high capacity and affordable alternative for the current transportation systems. It allows people and cargo to travel great distances in a very short time, eventually replacing short distance flights. But what about emissions and safety? The system is emission-free, incredibly safe and more important accessible to everyone. A future without boundaries? Welcome to the world of Hardt Hyperloop. 

SCIA believes that constant innovation is the key to success and the future. SCIA will be sponsoring its software to support engineers who are working on the Hyperloop project. Pablo Furlan, Lead Infrastructure Engineer at Hardt Hyperloop is convinced combining forces helps the project to reach another level “SCIA Engineer is a very powerful tool and is helping us to develop the infrastructure for Hyperloop. By enabling us to create accurate FE models, easily implement different load cases and combinations and analyse detailed results, it allows our engineers to optimize this challenging and innovative infrastructure.”

The software will play a crucial part in the development of the first high-speed test facility in the world. Hardt is currently developing the European Hyperloop Centre, which will contain a 3km high speeds test facility to prove all of their developed hyperloop technologies at 700km/h. The results of these tests will be used to develop standardized technology for the entire system throughput Europe. Soon, the future of public transportation will be shaped and SCIA will have a front row seat!

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