SCIA Engineer 21.1 – new features in brief

Tuesday, 26 October, 2021

SCIA Engineer 21.1The revolutionary new interface with leading-edge ergonomics and unequalled efficiency gains presented in SCIA Engineer 21 has been further fine tuned to make your work even faster and easier. SCIA Engineer 21.1 comes with a brand-new marking menu as well as a broad collection of other improvements, extensions and updates

User Interface 

Marking menu 

SCIA Engineer 21.1
  • Frequent commands available without the need to move the mouse.  
  • Simple pop-up radial menu to perform the action you require.  
  • Minimising mouse moves, improving ergonomics and dramatically increasing the productivity. 

Input table, Results table 

SCIA Engineer 21.1
  • Updated to match the new user interface of version 21. 
  • Providing for a fast and clear preview of all input or result data. 
  • Integration with Engineering report to help you create a transparent project documentation. 
  • Link with MS Excel to parametrise your input or apply bespoke post-processing of results. 


SCIA Engineer 21.1
  • Updated to match the style & behaviour of version 21 
  • Integration with Engineering report to speed up production of project documentation. 

Modelling and analysis 

Thickness of slabs 

SCIA Engineer 21.1
  • Graphical representation of thicknesses of 2D members. 
  • Clear and transparent overview of the distribution of material in 2D elements. 

Advanced modelling of cables 

SCIA Engineer 21.1
  • Initial deformation calculated immediately based on cable self-weight, estimated applied load and prestressing force. 
  • Shape determined prior to FE analysis itself. 
  • Clearer, more intuitive input of geometry. 

Connection forces 

SCIA Engineer 21.1
  • Simple way to obtain internal forces for initial verification of a joint before its detailed design in SCIA Engineer or IDEA StatiCa. 
  • Table of internal forces in a connection for an optional design in a third-party application. 

Concrete design 

Design of reinforcement on Integration member 

SCIA Engineer 21.1
  • Straightforward design of structural elements like lintels above openings, connections between split-level slabs or core walls. 
  • Automated input of reinforcement. 
  • ULS and SLS checks. 

Design of multi-layer reinforcement 

SCIA Engineer 21.1
  • Manual or automatic arrangement of reinforcement in multiple layers in beams and columns. 
  • Larger flexibility in optimising reinforcement in situations like crack control. 
  • All available concrete checks for both ULS and SLS design situations. 

Composite design 

Design of composite columns 

SCIA Engineer 21.1
  • Exact calculation of an interaction curve, going beyond the simplified determination methods.  
  • More economical design results.  
  • Detailed transparent output with formulas for every step of the calculation.   


IDEA StatiCa Checkbot link 

SCIA Engineer 21.1
  • Easy and transparent sharing of data between SCIA Engineer and IDEA StatiCa Connection via the new Checkbot application. 
  • Effective design of steel connections leading to increased productivity. 
  • In-depth analysis of whole critical members using IDEA StatiCa Member 

SAF 2.0 

SCIA Engineer 21.1
  • Support of all objects defined in the open-source exchange format for analysis models SAF – version 2.0.0 – including: temperature load on 1D member, load panels, cross-links. 

BIMcloud update for Archicad users 

SCIA Engineer 21.1
  • Error free sharing of models with partners via BIMcloud. 
  • Automatic update of the model after any changes made in Archicad. 
  • No loss of data between the modeller and structural engineer. 


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SCIA Engineer 21.1