These 3 user-selected enhancements coming in SCIA Engineer 18

Thursday, 22 March, 2018

SCIA Engineer 18 is being developed with the contribution and input from our users. One of the many ways users contribute to the upcoming version is the selection of their top 3 favorite enhancements. In fall of 2017, for the second time, we ran a survey asking SCIA Engineer users (with a maintenance contract) to select the enhancements they want to see in SCIA Engineer 18. These enhancements are already implemented and are being reviewed and tested by our users that are part of our SCIA Insider program

So, here are the top 3 user-selected enhancements you can look forward to in SCIA Engineer 18: 

  • Different colors for point, line and surface loads (336 votes)
  • Simplification of buckling settings (290)
  • Bulk generation of non-linear combinations according to the code (203)

SCIA Engineer Load Coloring Different colors for point, line and surface loads

This enhancement will allow you to easily visualize the different loads in a model. It will bring clarity and transparency and will be especially useful when working with complex models. 

Simplification of buckling settings

The automatic determination of buckling length (and for LTB, for torsional buckling, etc.) has always been a powerful feature of SCIA Engineer. However, it could also be intimidating due to the numerous dialogues and settings. This is now dramatically simplified, presenting all options to the user in a unique, redesigned dialogue.

The new solution is useful and much easier to use. In my experience it’s more user-friendly that results are immediately available in the dialog itself (factors, lengths) and there is only one place to define settings,” Jeroen ter Steege, Aveco de Bondt, Netherlands, and member of the SCIA Insider program.

SCIA Engineer Auto CombinationBulk generation of non-linear combinations according to the code

You will be able to create non-linear combinations according to the code using a single button, directly from the definition dialogue itself. What’s more, you will be able to let SCIA Engineer select dangerous combination from the envelope linear combination and create the corresponding result classes. With this simplified process, the many clicks you used to do to create non-linear combinations from linear ones are now just history.

This is my favorite feature. I am so glad I no longer need to manually remove the linear combinations that are not dangerous, and to convert them to nonlinear. This will save me a lot of time,” Michal Bezruč, Navláčil stavební firma, s.r.o., Czech Republic, and member of the SCIA Insider program. 

A close collaboration with our users is what is helping us make SCIA Engineer a powerful tool. It’s with you that we can ensure that the software can boost your productivity in your daily job – whether you are working on complex or simple projects. Thank you to all that participated in the survey.

SCIA Engineer 18, to be released in late spring, will bring new features and enhancements in usability, concrete design, BIM links to Tekla Structures and Revit, results, among others. Look out for the next editions of the SCIA eNews to learn more about what is coming in SCIA Engineer 18. 

SCIA Engineer 18