Think in Solutions - Innovative and successful: Allplan Precast and TIM software

Monday, 1 October, 2012

Unique software for the precast concrete industry

With our precast software, we support technical areas of a precast company, from the planning of precast parts, to operations scheduling, logistics, production and right up to assembly and settlement.
For the planning area, this is Allplan Precast, a program aimed at professionals for highly efficient planning. The other company departments use the work results of the planners with a second - new - program system: the Technical Information Manager (TIM).
System-neutral interfaces open up the world toward the outside and also make both program systems usable separately.

Allplan Precast

  • The planning solution for precast parts producers with powerful functions for highly-efficient and top-class automated precast parts planning.
  • Formwork and reinforcement plans, element plans, item lists and quantity calculations.
  • From low-cost series production right up to complex specialist precast parts.

For the machines in a factory, Allplan delivers the data directly; it also provides them for your commercial systems and data processing of items and quantities (ERP and settlement). Error-free, this does away with multiple entry or calculation of data. Think complete. Care for detail.

TIM - Technical Information Manager

TIM supports order processing from scheduling to assembly and links the operational departments, such as sales, operations scheduling, production, delivery and assembly.
Seeing is understanding. This experience encourages us to forge new paths. Traditionally, the precast factory is controlled and organised with numbers, text fragments and tables. We know that with visual methods, one can work and communicate faster, more safely, more transparently and therefore error-free and we call it “visual detailed planning”.
The unusual feature of TIM is working with virtual objects. Using it is so easy that all of the employees in a factory can manage it, even those with sporadic use. They see the precast part, the table configuration or load in the way that it looks in reality.