Tips & Tricks Scia Engineer: Use of layers

Monday, 28 January, 2013

Scia Engineer supports the definition of layers within any model. The division of entities into a layer per floor is often used. By (de)activating certain layers, parts of the structure are visible and others are hidden. This allows for example better view of results or properties of specific members.

Important to know is that a layer is assigned as a property to all 1D and 2D members in the model. If you do not assign a specific layer, the default one is used.

Layers can be created and edited via the ‘Project’ toolbar.

There are two important properties:

  • ‘Current used activity’ defines if the layer is visible or not on the screen.
  • ‘Structural model only’ – when set to ‘yes’ – defines that the layer is NOT taken into account for the calculation. This allows for an analysis of only a part of the defined model. If this is the case, a warning message to remind the user is shown when the calculation starts.

The visibility of the structure can also be set via the ‘Activity’ toolbar.

The Layer activity manager collects sets of activities made by the user, so (s)he can easily switch between different views of the model. The ‘Activity’ toolbar also contains an option to show members of inactive layers as thin grey lines. In this way the user can get the idea of the location of the active members with regard to the complete model.

Layers can also be conveniently used in the Document. This example shows the output of the table ‘Layers’ with selection per floor, linked to an image of the result ‘Displacement of nodes’. The activity of the image is then automatically adapted to display only the members that are part of the given layer.