Updated Revit link for SCIA Engineer

Tuesday, 11 October, 2016

Updated Revit link for SCIA Engineer The latest update of the Revit – SCIA Engineer link brings compatibility with Autodesk Revit Structure 2017. Furthermore, we added multiple improvements and fixes to enhance our solution based on user feedback.

Support of numerical cross-sections

One of the very demanded enhancements that we included to the latest release is the support for import of “numerical” cross-sections in Revit. Members with a “numerical” cross-section in SCIA Engineer were previously excluded and the import was terminated. These cross-sections can now be exported to Revit through the standard cross-section mapping.

Updated Revit link for SCIA Engineer

Improved tolerance for slanted columns and various enhancements

The issue with a different orientation of columns in Revit and SCIA Engineer has been resolved with the improvement of the tolerance limit for differentiating vertical and slant columns. This solution provides also the resolution for the issue concerning columns defined from the top to bottom.

In previous versions, users observed an issue where the export was skipping members in a Revit model after encountering a member with ‘Enable analytical model’ not selected. This unpleasant behaviour has been fixed. The export and import of plates with just one arc segment from SCIA Engineer is now supported as well.

Download the latest version of the plugin

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Updated Revit link for SCIA Engineer