Design Data and Nemetschek Scia Team Up to Integrate BIM into the Steel Delivery Process

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Tuesday, 17 September, 2013
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Press Release

Nemetschek Scia to Present a New Link that Integrates the Steel BIM and Fabrication Workflow at the SDS/2 2013 User Group Conference September 18-20, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Lincoln, Neb., USA and Herk-de-Stad, Belgium -- (September 17, 2013) -- Design Data, in cooperation with Nemetschek Scia, has developed a bi-directional link that allows Steel Fabricators to view in real-time the production status of parts and assemblies in an SDS/2 steel BIM model, as well as allow production to automatically view the status of any changes that occur in design.

“As Building Information Modeling changes the steel delivery process, steel fabricators can realize huge benefits by bi-directionally linking SDS/2 models to model-based planning and automated fabrication systems,” said Doug Evens, Design Data's vice president of sales.

“With the bi-directional link between SDS/2 and Nemetschek Scia Steel Manager, fabricators can automatically create detailed production plans and easily manage resources across multiple projects directly from an SDS/2 steel BIM model.  The link can also reduce costly mistakes by helping the design and productions teams better communicate the statuses of parts and projects across the entire steel manufacturing process,” continued Evans.

To learn more about these new workflows, Nemetschek Scia will host a session at the 2013 SDS/2 Users Group Conference September 18-20, in Omaha, Neb., USA. The session will highlight the benefits of a new partnership between Design Data and Nemetschek Scia to push forward integrated model-based fabrication workflows to the steel industry.

The session will illustrate how steel fabricators can leverage SDS/2 models to:

  • Automatically update Steel BIM models with the statuses from production, and make production aware of any changes that happen in design
  • Visualize at any point in time the statuses of design, production, delivery and erection of single or multiple projects running simultaneously
  • Simulate the production process in order to virtually route parts and reallocate resources to eliminate bottlenecks and optimize production
  • Identify problems before they result in delays and issues on the site
  • Automatically nest parts, generate CNC production data, receive feedback and manage all machines from a centralized system
  • Improve quality management tracking (including welds) with full traceability of parts from order to fabrication through erection
  • Seamlessly link production and planning to ERP systems for accurate financials

“By teaming up with SDS/2, fabricators can now easily leverage BIM models and data, from design through construction. By centralizing all design, project and production information into a single integrated workflow, fabricators can easily monitor and visualize in 3D the status of any part from order to erection,” said Dan Monaghan, U.S. Manager, Nemetschek Scia.

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