Industrialised Planning in Reinforced Concrete and Prestressed Concrete Precast Parts Construction.

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Thursday, 2 February, 2012
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Press Review

In this report, the introduction of 3D planning is explained, together with the creation of complex shop drawings, named “element plans”, for reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete precast parts construction. The method used is based on the creation of a basic 3D volume model, which becomes a 3D model made of intelligent “elements” by adding attributes. After this, on the basis of the “element plan technology”, these “iParts” become “verifiable” element plans with reduced planning time and high planning quality.

The side effects, such as 3D PDF for communication with the clients and other specialist planners, as well as the creation of machine data, like meshwelding machines, is made possible from this and lead to higher acceptance by the project participants. The provision of 3D planning data via the Internet to the client is still unusual, but will presumably establish itself in the future.

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​Press review from BFT 02-2012.