Nemetschek Scia Announces the Release of Scia Engineer 15

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Thursday, 30 April, 2015
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Press Release

Nemetschek Scia, a leading developer of structural analysis software supporting the BIM process, announces the release of Scia Engineer version 15.  This latest upgrade to the company’s flagship structural analysis and design software raises the concrete and composite design to a new level. Besides that, multiple enhancements in the Engineering Report, Open Design Platform and general usability of the software increase the productivity in daily practice.

Design of concrete columns and beams

Design & checking of reinforced concrete columns & beams in compliance with EN 1992 has been completely rewritten using the latest Open Design technology.
The main benefits of this new solution are:

  • High performance (multiple cores are fully utilised).
  • Transparency (calculations are clearly documented with formulae, intermediate steps, dynamic images, interaction diagrams ...).
  • Versatility (all section shapes and all loading conditions are supported).
  • Completeness (additional checks like design of shear reinforcement for columns, shear & torsion, check of deflection to short & long-term are included).

Design of composite floors

For composite design Scia Engineer 15 introduces the new Composite Floor Analysis Model combining user-controlled load distribution, easy definition and accurate FEM calculations based on exact orthotropic properties of corrugated steel decks and concrete toppings. After the analysis, the composite beams are checked with the new modules based on Open Design, producing a crystal-clear calculation report. The new Composite Floor Analysis Model and Composite Beam Design features are available for EN1994 and AISC 360-10.

Open Design Platform

The Open Design technology in Scia Engineer has been extended and now it is possible to create tailor-made checks & calculations for all the objects of your model: beams, columns, surfaces and nodes.

Engineering Report

The integrated and dynamic reporting tool – Engineering Report – has been further enhanced with new functionality like extended import capabilities, higher speed and layout options, and a brand new preview window.

General improvements

A large number of new features, improvements and extensions in many parts of Scia Engineer: 3D results, dynamic analysis, plasticity of steel shells, steel design, steel connections, Table Input, Table Results,...

Release 15 website

To learn more, please visit our Scia Engineer 15 website: /

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