Nemetschek Scia Congratulates Sou Fujimoto and AECOM on Top 10 Honor

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Friday, 20 December, 2013
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Press Release Recognizes the 2013
Serpentine Pavilion as a Top 10 Temporary Structure of 2013




December 18, 2013, Columbia, Md. – Nemetschek Scia, the world’s premier developer of structural engineering software that supports the BIM process, congratulates Japanese Architect Sou Fujimoto and Los Angeles based AECOM for having the 2013 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion recognized as one of the Top Temporary Structures of 2013 by

The Serpentine Galleries are two of the world’s leading contemporary art galleries located in Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, London. Each year since 2000 the Serpentine has commissioned a temporary summer pavilion by leading architects. This year’s Serpentine Gallery commission was awarded to Fujimoto, with AECOM carrying out the engineering.  The Pavilion exemplifies contemporary architecture and the engineering challenges that come with it.

The structure is a light, latticework composed of 27,000 steel tubes 20mm square forming a Vierendeel space frame. Overlapping clear polycarbonate disks are clamped to the tops of the structure to protect the interior from weather, and external fretted glass was added in various places to create area for seating, standing, and climbing. The result is a delicate, translucent, cloud-like structure that integrates with the Pavilion’s nature.

Because of the different partners involved and the compressed project timeline, the success of the project relied upon a collaborative model-based workflow between members of the design teams. A number of BIM modeling programs were used in the design, documentation and engineering, including Rhinoceros by Robert McNeel & Associates and Scia Engineer by Nemetschek. The 3D model was also shared with the fabricator allowing integration with its computer aided manufacturing process.

We congratulate the teams on their forward thinking design, and their use of Building Information Modeling to realize a truly outstanding structure,” says Dr. Jean-Pierre Rammant, CEO of Nemetschek Scia.

In its Top 10 Temporary Structures of 2013 list, recognizes the challenge these structures pose. With small budgets and short timelines these projects push designers to “test the limits of architectural innovation and engineering.”
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