Scia Joins the American Institute of Steel Construction and Supports its New Technology Integration Initiatives

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Wednesday, 12 February, 2014
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Press Release

Efforts to Streamline the Steel Delivery Process Reinforce Nemetschek Scia's Commitment to Open BIM

Columbia, Maryland (February 12, 2014) -- Nemetschek Scia, the world’s premier developer of structural engineering and fabrication software that supports the BIM process, announced today that it has joined the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC).  As an Associate Member, Nemetschek is working with AISC to support the implementation of new technologies that will streamline the steel delivery process.

“As Building Information Modeling changes the steel delivery process, the steel industry can realize huge benefits by leveraging detailed BIM models directly into the planning and fabrication workflows,” says Bart Van de Plas, Project Development Manager at Nemetschek Scia. “Supporting the AISC’s new Technology Integration initiatives is a natural extension of our Scia Steel Manager and Scia Engineer software development efforts, and it is in line with Nemetschek’s commitment to developing integrated software that supports Open BIM.”

Specifically, Nemetschek Scia is supporting AISC’s new “BIMsteel: Automating Steel Fabrication” initiative and “steelXML: A Better Way to Buy Steel” initiative by integrating new data exchange standards into the company’s Scia Steel Manager software. In addition, Nemetschek Scia plans to support AISC’s “Model Sharing Design to Detailing” initiative in Scia Engineer, the company’s flagship 3D structural design program.

By linking engineering and detailing, project management, material resource planning and production management into one integrated workflow, Nemetschek Scia can eliminate the inefficiencies that come with having to manage projects across the various software and data exchange formats used in today's steel delivery process.

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