Nemetschek Scia Promotes the Advantages of BIM Technology for Structural Engineers

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Wednesday, 20 February, 2013
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Press Release

Nemetschek Scia sponsored a series of BIM seminars in New-York, Boston and Atlanta last week to educate the U.S. structural engineering community on the advantages Structural BIM technology can have on the design process. More than 100 engineers attended the seminars series.

“Structural Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology is changing helping firms increase their ROI by connect today’s disjointed structural engineering workflows. It allows firms to:

  • Integrating design, analysis, code checking and documentation in one platform so a change anywhere is reflected everywhere
  • Gives them new ways of analyzing structures--giving them better results, faster
  • Makes it easier for engineers to work iteratively with architects to maximize a structure's performance while reducing materials.
  • Allows engineers better communicate ideas to owners and other non-engineers, as well as share documents with drafters, detailers and fabricators.

And, can reduce RFI’s (Request for Information) and allows engineers to workout constructability issues before they get on the job site”, states, Dan Monaghan, North America Director, Nemetschek Scia

While Building Information is a process, having the right technology can help firms facilitate the process and collaborate with others in the BIM process.

“There are five key characteristics of structural BIM software,” says Dr. Jean-Pierre Rammant, CEO of Nemetschek Scia. “First, structural BIM software must understand and intelligently convert architectural models into structural models. It must integrate the physical structural model and the analysis model so that one is simply another view of the other, and a change one to one automatically updates the others. It must fully integrate analysis, design, documentation and drawings that are linked to the model. It must enable the constructability of engineering design. And, finally it must support a collaborative workflow with other involved in the BIM process.”

As the event’s sponsor and a though leader in Structural BIM technology, Nemetschek Scia

is promoting the importance of the structural engineers in today’s BIM process. They are taking the lead in developing technology that support’s open standards and pioneering new BIM server technology to facilitate the collaboration and the sharing of BIM model data.

If you have any questions about Structural BIM, or, would like to learn more about how Structural BIM technology can integrate your firm's design, analysis and documentation workflows, please visit us online at

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