Nemetschek Scia Releases Scia Engineer 2012

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Monday, 16 July, 2012
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Press Release

Brussels Belgium, (July 16, 2012)Nemetschek Scia is pleased to announce the availability of Scia Engineer 2012.  A milestone release in the company’s 38 year development history.  Scia Engineer 2012 provides significant improvements for structural and civil engineers who are looking to migrate to or improve their 3D workflows.

“Scia Engineer 2012 solidifies our position in the global engineering market as the leading integrated structural design software.  This release offers improvements in Structural Modelling, Analysis, Design and Documentation, as well a number of usability improvements to improve the engineer’s day-to-day design work.” Says, Dr. Jean-Pierre Rammant, CEO, Nemetschek Scia.  “And, with our improved support for IFC and Open BIM, we’re making it easier for engineers to plug analysis and design into today’s collaborative 3D workflows.”

The release focuses on four key areas of development:
1. Improvements in  analysis and structural optimization
2. Interoperability with focus on Open BIM
3. Enhanced support for local codes and support of new international codes
4. Usability improvements driven directly by user experience.

Scia Engineer improves structural analysis with a number of finite elements solver improvements including the addition of 3rd order Picard method for geometric non-linear calculations, as well as a number of speed and FEA usability improvements. It also gives engineers access to integrated tools for sequential analysis and enhanced parametric optimization. With Scia Engineer’s new optimization engine, users can setup problems in Scia Engineer and have the optimization engine run through hundreds, or even thousands of calculations to derive an optimal design solution, reflecting the outcomes of latest mathematical research in the field.

Scia Engineer 2012 offers extended support of IFC providing engineers a straightforward way to exchange models and work iteratively with designers, contractors, and fabricators.  With the latest support for IFC, engineers using Scia Engineer 2012 can efficiently exchange models with BIM compliment software programs.  Nemetschek, in collaboration with buildingSMART® , is continuing to drive interoperability through our commitment to Open BIM.

Scia Engineer 2012 expands its support for Eurocodes and IBC, and introduced new support for Brazilian codes.  Engineers working on projects in Europe will appreciate new support for Timber design – EN 1995-1-1, Bridge combinations according to Eurocode EN1990 and EN1991-2, and improved Masonry materials according to EN1996 in collaboration with Frilo Statics and ECtools software.  For engineers using IBC, Scia Engineer 2012 offers substantial improvements in concrete design, including  support for ACI 318-08, and the ability to model reinforcing schemes and export reinforcing to IFC.  In addition, Scia Engineer 2012 offers new load combinations support for Brazilian Code ABNT NBR 6118:2003.

“As more and more engineering offices take on work overseas, and as we expand Scia Engineer into emerging markets, it is important for us to maintain our global code leadership position.” Says, ir. Geert Adriaenssens, Product Manager Design Solutions at Nemetschek Scia. “Scia Engineer 2012 offers substantial improvements for the global engineering community.”

Most importantly, Scia Engineer 2012 simplifies the everyday work of today’s calculation engineers.  “Most of the usability improvements were implemented directly from input from our users.“, continues Mr. Adriaenssens.

Scia Engineer 2012 offers  interface improvements like anti-aliasing in the graphical window, innovated tooltips and a number of usability improvements to day to day tools like the extended commands, table input, coordinate tracking to name a few.

To Learn More

Engineers interested in learning more about Scia Engineer 2012 are invited to subscribe to the international Scia Engineer 2012 website:  There you will find detailed information on the specific benefit Scia Engineer 2012 offers, as well as  a library of online presentations/movies, technical feature descriptions, tips & tricks, and other online learning resources.

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About Scia Engineer

Scia Engineer is world leading integrated 3D structural and civil design software that supports today’s BIM process.  It helps streamline the engineering workflows by linking modelling, design, analysis and code-checking, reports and drawings in one design environment so a change anywhere is reflected everywhere and makes it easy to share files with others involved in the design and construction process.  For over decades, Scia Engineer has been helping engineers leverage innovative structural design technology to maximize the performance of all types of structures, from homes and high-rises to infrastructure, industrial and environmental projects in accordance with many international building codes.


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Established in 1974, Nemetschek Scia has become one of the world’s leading developers of structural design, analysis and fabrication software that supports the Open BIM process. Nemetschek Scia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nemetschek AG -- a global leader in software that supports the Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflow. Nemetschek Scia is part of the Nemetschek Structural Group.


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