Nemetschek Scia starts office in Scandinavia

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Friday, 1 October, 2010
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Nemetschek Scia starts office in Scandinavia

Nemetschek Scia is expanding its activities in the Scandinavian region by establishing a representative office in Finland as of 1st May 2010.  It is established at the location of Vahanen oy, a longstanding business partner of Scia and a well-known architectural-engineering firm in the region. Support and sales operations for Nemetschek Scia are set up from the office under the management of the Scia regional head of sales Mr. Jules van der Weide.

Nemetschek Scia is servicing several clients in and around Finland, among them Ruukki, Best-Hall oy, Ramboll Finland oy and Magnus Malmberg Consulting Engineers Oy.  By opening this new office, Scia wants to improve its service level to its clients and gain a stronger position in the Scandinavian market. Nemetschek Scia is promoting its product portfolio for structural engineering design with a special emphasis on the succesful flagship product Scia Engineer. With this software Nemetschek Scia is taking a strong defense of the position of the structural engineer in the ongoing BIM process changes in the industry. Nemetschek Scia has also a strategic cooperation with Graphisoft (ArchiCAD) and Tekla Corp. (Tekla Structures), two main BIM suppliers in the Scandinavian market.

About Nemetschek Scia

Founded in 1974, Nemetschek Scia is a software company headquartered in Belgium, which develops, markets and supports software products for structural engineering and structural analysis in the construction market. Scia's software is typically used to design buildings, bridges, and other complex engineering structures.

Scia is a member of the globally active Nemetschek Group. Together with Scia, Allplan, Graphisoft, Vectorworks, Maxon and other companies like Frilo & Glaser, this organization is the world’s leading IT company in AEC for the design, construction and management of buildings and general infrastructure.

About Vahanen Group

Vahanen Group (operating in Russia as Ficote Group) provides a large scope of services in structural and mechanical engineering, architecture, refurbishment and technical life cycle management of properties (TLCM). Furthermore, Vahanen Group has wide ranging expertise in building physics, laboratory analysis, project management and technical inspections. During last years Vahanen Group has established itself also in the Russian, Estonian and Romanian market.

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