New Software Bundle Makes It Easy For Firms to Design and Build With Tilt-Up Construction

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Friday, 1 October, 2010
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Press Release

New Software Bundle Makes It Easy For Firms to Design and Build With Tilt-Up Construction

Tilt-Up Design Systems, LLC and Nemetschek Scia Introduce the First Integrated Engineering and Construction Software Bundle For Tilt-Up Concrete Construction

Irvine, CA (Sept. 29, 2010)— Tilt-Up Design Systems, LLC (TDS) and Nemetschek Scia announced today at the Tiltup Concrete Association’s 2010 Annual Conference the availability of a new software bundle that provides design-build firms, architects, engineers and contractors with an integrated whole-building solution for site-cast precast (tilt-up) construction.

The new software bundle links Nemetschek Scia’s Scia Engineer, one of the world’s premier 3D structural modeling and analysis programs, with TDS’s Tilt-Werks®, the only complete tilt-up wall panel  design, detailing and estimating system. This interface provides an integrated workflow for tilt-up that links 3D building modeling, engineering analysis and design,  with automatic wall panel design and drawings, reinforcing steel design drawings, placing drawings and cut lists, material quantity take offs and accurate cost estimates.

"Today’s tilt-up design, engineering and construction workflows are disjointed and inefficient," said Joe Steinbicker, P.E., S.E., President, TDS. "The current process requires the use of many different software packages that are separate and uncoordinated. As the project progresses, information is often recreated in each step and changes have to be coordinated manually—a time consuming and error-prone process.  This software bundle offers for the first time a fully integrated structural design/detailing solution for tilt-up that saves significant time and makes changes easy during design and construction.  This keeps projects on budget and ahead of schedule.”

According to Charles Reber, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for TDS, Tilt-Werks also provides the designer and contractor with accurate quantity takeoffs and cost estimates based on the design created.

“In today’s ultra-competitive bidding environment, the ability to optimize a design and create accurate cost estimates in a fraction of the time normally required wins more projects,” said Reber.

With this software bundle, tilt-up wall panels designed in Tilt-Werks are imported into Scia Engineer for whole building modeling and analysis. The bundle extends the panel design capabilities of Tilt-Werks by incorporating Scia Engineer’s 3D modeling and finite element analysis customized for tilt-up construction.

“One of the goals of the software bundle is to make tilt-up more accessible to architects, engineers and contractors,” says Jean-Pierre Rammant, CEO, Nemetschek Scia. “This bundle improves the process for firms currently involved in tilt-up construction. It also provides a process for firms that don’t have one and allows firms to easily expand the scope of their services and add a new revenue stream.

For more information on the Tilt-Werks, Scia Engineer bundle for tilt-up please visit, or call TDS at, 407-833-4982, Ext 204

About Site-Cast Precast (Tilt-Up)

Site cast tilt-up construction is a construction method in which concrete wall panels are cast on-site and tilted into place. Tilt-Up construction is one of the fastest growing industries, combining the advantages of reasonable cost with low maintenance, durability, speed of construction and minimal capital investment. 

About Tilt-Up Design Systems, LLC

Tilt-Up Design Systems, LLC, was founded by a group of structural engineers with more than 30 years of experience in the tilt-up industry. The company’s proprietary software, Tilt-Werks, is a sophisticated web-based application that links all project team members involved in tilt-up construction for faster communication of project information and expedited construction schedules. For more information, visit

About Nemetschek Scia

Established in 1974, Nemetschek Scia has gone on to become one of the world's premier developers of 3D structural engineering software. Its Scia Engineer products link structural modeling, analysis and documentation in one platform and makes easy for engineering firms to plug-into today’s BIM workflows.  The company also offers integrated modeling engineering, documentation and fabrication solutions the Steel, the Precast Concrete and the Pre-engineered Metal Buildings industries.  Nemetschek Scia is wholly owned subsidiaries of Nemetschek AG -  a global leader in AEC software that supports the Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow. For more information visit

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